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Pay Troop Fees Online using...


We can now use PayPal as a means to pay troop dues.  If you have a personal PayPal account and would like to pay your scout's dues through Paypal, follow the instructions below. It was really easy. Email the troop treasurere if you have questions. 

  • Log into PayPal
  • Click “Pay or send money”
  • Click “Send money to friends and family”
  • Enter troop4pa.treasury@gmail.com
  • Enter $100.00 in the amount field (or other amount for event fees)
  • Click “Add a note” and enter your scout’s full name and “Dues”
  • For “How do you want to pay?” Select a bank account
    (Troop 4 cannot accept credit cards at this time)
  • Ensure that the Fee says “0”. Click "Send money now".
  • Once complete, email to let me know that you paid dues via PayPal.